Q&A with Riot’s new Campaign Executive, Niamh Houston

Last month, we welcomed Niamh Houston to Team Riot as our new Campaign Executive. Niamh has recently completed an MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London while working as a freelance journalist for Reach PLC. Her time as a journalist means she brings to Riot a sharp eye for a news story, excellent writing and communications skills, attention to detail, and experience at delivering to deadlines. We’re excited to see Niamh’s PR career take off!

Want to get to know her a bit better? We’ve asked her to share a bit about some of her passions and the things she is most looking forward to about working at Riot.

What are you most excited about when it comes to joining Riot?

More than anything, it’s the chance to work with creative people, on creative projects with so much variety. Riot feels like such a perfect place for me to merge my passions and my skills while learning along the way – and working for a company that shares my values is such an added extra.

With no limitations in place, who would be your dream client?
Having recently undertaken my 15th rewatch of Fleabag, I’d have to say my dream client would be Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But as we’re talking about famous Phoebes, I’d love to work with Phoebe Bridgers – she needs to write a book soon!

What was the first book that you fell in love with?
When I was a kid, there was a book about a toy cat called Nothing by Mick Inkpen – the author of Kipper – which I absolutely fell in love with. This small raggedy toy was brought back to life once it was loved again! As a teen, I loved Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, but that could be because I was mildly obsessed with Audrey Hepburn….

What are some of your other passions?   
There are so many, but the biggest one is undoubtedly film. It’s to the point that I have a YouTube playlist for musical scores of films that make me cry which I listen to more often than I’d care to admit. I’ll watch anything as my taste is very eclectic, but I do have a soft spot for 80s and 90s rom-coms and indie films.